The world's first Spatial Mastering AI, offering the simplest and most affordable way to meet all the technical requirements needed for Spatial Audio releases.

For Artists & Producers

Producers can now upload their Spatial Audio mixes to Masterchannel, and get back an optimized Spatial Audio master.

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Sound Enhancement

SpatialAI adjusts all audio channels for the best listening experience across speaker systems.

Technical Compliance

All the technical criteria set by distribution and streaming platforms are checked, ensuring full compatibility.

Playlist Featuring

Spatial masters have a better chance of being featured in playlists on streaming services like Apple Music.

Affordable Pricing

With SpatialAI, you can master an unlimited number of tracks in Spatial Audio for only $25 per month.

For Labels & Platforms

Masterchannel can convert your songs from stereo to Spatial Audio.

Automatic Stem Separation

SpatialAI automatically extracts stems from your stereo file for a true Spatial Audio experience.

Batch Processing

SpatialAI can convert tens of thousands of tracks in uncompromised quality.

Fast Turnaround

SpatialAI can convert thousands of tracks in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

Affordable Pricing

Stereo to Spatial Audio conversion starts at only $10/track with volume discounts available.

Featured SpatialAI Releases

K Camp

Spin The Block

Dominic Neill

Supersonic Love Machine

James Carter


» Right after Masterchannel helped us with our Spatial Audio releases, we got featured on Apple Music. «
—  James Carter (Lilly Era Label Owner)

Simon Hestermann

Co-Founder & CTO

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